• Nicole Henderson

Fair & Balanced Journalism Is More Necessary Now

The longer that Trump is in office, the more important journalism becomes for the betterment of society. As many have noted, we are living through times that we have not experienced before. A time when we need journalist to be true watchdogs and continuously holding those in leadership accountable. Journalism in the traditional manner that we are all familiar with is good, but now is the time for journalist, story tellers, and young activist to step to the front line.

There is a perspective that new "journalist" and story tellers can provide that seasoned journalist working for the major media outlets are not able to share. We know it is not because they do not want to share it, but simply because the news organization that pays them would not appreciate certain angles. So what can we do to bring more of these stories to the forefront? What can we do to elevate those that may not be positioned at a major media outlet, but they still have an important story to tell? We have to give these individuals a platform to speak their truth.

Here are our call to actions:

1. Support independent journalist by donating to them and sharing their stories.

2. Do not share information in social media that has an untrue spin on it. This continues to give the story life.

3. Find out who the social journalist/storytellers are that cover stories that you are passionate about.

4. Become a social justice storyteller yourself.

5. Speak up! The time for being silent is over.

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